Link Up · So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday!

Today I’m saying SO WHAT…
…IF I got 10 hours of sleep last night and I’m still tired. I’m blaming it on the weather! Its so dreary outside today! 
…IF I’m having serious Target withdrawal. I wish I was kidding, but I had a dream about shopping there last night. I have issues! 
…IF my “new” iPad is really Molly’s. Keeps her busy when I need to get stuff done! 
…IF I love RHOC. Who watched Monday night? I thought it was really good, but next week looks better!!
…THAT I thought it was so incredibly cute, when yesterday Molly was playing with her doll house and she was naming the people. The baby was Baby V (who isn’t even born yet!) She  must really listen!
…THAT I am so excited about my new link up with Rebecca over at XOXO Rebecca Mae. It starts next Tuesday, and is called Talk to me Tuesday! Check it out HERE, and join us!! 
What are you saying SO WHAT to today?

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