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Thursday Thoughts!

Today I am co-hosting Thursday Thoughts with Toby’s Tails and Simple Southern Ways!
~Yesterday, a friend of mine invited Molly and I to come to the local Library program in her area. I decided to take her because I thought it would be so much fun (and they have an awesome music lady come sing and play the keyboard-its just cute.) Molly is pretty shy, but usually she warms up and is fine after a few minutes. There were quite a few kids there, more on the younger side, and unfortunately Molly did not warm up. She cried the whole time and kept asking me to go home. After about 15 minutes of off and on crying I left. I’m really concerned  (and I know i probably shouldn’t be, and this could just be being a first time mother) but is this normal? All of the other kids seemed absolutely fine. Maybe it was because she knew no one? Am i totally over reacting? 
~ On a fun note, June is an AWESOME month to purchase something from Thirty-One. For every 35.00 you spend you can purchase a Large Utility Tote for 10.00! They are usually 35.00! There’s also the cutest flip flop pattern only available in June! These large totes are so useful. Some idea’s for them are grocery shopping, Beach bag, Book Bin, Dirty Shoes, closet organizer, or Children’s toys (This is what i use them for!) Host a party in June (an online/facebook party) and receive an extra 20.00 credit (in free items) from me! Contact me!
~I posted my Bath and Body works haul yesterday, and I have to say I absolutely LOVE the  Caribbean Escape. Its wonderful! If you are interesting in ordering, you can use BEACHES13 for 20% off (valid until July 7th!)
~ SO…Who watched RHOC on Monday night? I have been waiting to talk about this! What did you think? I thought it was a “warming” episode. It actually made you feel like these woman had hearts (where as sometimes I’m not so sure-ha) I actually felt bad for Tamra, she usually is kind of a bitch, but I totally understand (now) why she is like that! I thought her speech was really great! Vicki, totally made the right choice and spent the weekend with her daughter and her grandson (and now that her son in-law is going to be deployed, the ballgame changes with her and brooks-who i do not like.) I still dislike Alexis, but am looking forward to her lunch with Tamra next week! It looks good. I also, am not sure I want to admit this but Heather’s date actually made me cry. I thought it was so sweet of him to get her a  card. Tell me your thoughts!!! I am thinking of maybe doing a Recap post every Tuesday!

~ Don’t forget to check out my new link up with Rebecca over at XOXO Rebecca Mae. It’s called Talk to me Tuesday! We can’t wait!!

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