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Happies & Crappies!

Today, I’m doing a different link up with Scissors and a Whisk and The Vintage Modern Wife, both blogs I just discovered recently and adore!! 

-My Bath & Body works haul. I’m sorry I keep talking about this, but I just LOVE these candles!! 
-Molly: She always makes me happy, but she’s been extra cute this week for some reason. We got her the Sophia the First CD, and she sings the songs. She’s just getting so old!!
-My AH-MAZING giveaway that’s going on NOW! Go ENTER HERE! Really, I love this one!! 
-Getting out of Debt…Slowly but surly! Its happening, and I know it is going to take time, but its happening! 
-Growing my blog! I really have come to LOVE blogging, and the blogging world! Thank you everyone for being so welcoming! 
CRAPPIES: I actually do not have too many crappies this week!

-This heat! I know I shouldn’t complain, yes this is the weather around this time of year, I guess i just wasn’t ready for it. 93 degrees today-the AC is on! 
-This MESS! How come, whenever I clean-5 minutes later its awful again? Maybe its because I have a 2 year old…but It just stinks sometimes!
-Awful TV! Why is there never anything on in the summer? Other then the Housewives. Any suggestions (other then Sophia the First, and Mickey Mouse?)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! 

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