Friday Letters

by - 9:42 AM

Dear Mother Nature: Seriously, how do you go from being freezing to being hot and humid. I'm all for the warm weather but give me some time! I swear I couldn't get warm for a few days, and now I'm ridiculously warm! yuck! 

Dear Molly: I have said this before, and am sure I'll say it again but...NO MORE NAPS! You napped yesterday for 2.5 hours, and did not go to sleep until almost 11! I was exhausted, so no more naps!

Dear house: Can you clean yourself up? I am not in the mood today. I have a busy weekend coming up, so today is my only chance...I guess I have to suck it up! 

Dear Thirty-One: Why, are you so addicting, and why are people not buying you other then me! Direct sales is tough!

Dear Computer: You're crap! I need to save some money and buy a new one. I'm thinking about possibly going for computer, not a Mac. Am i totally silly for doing that? I really do love my Mac, but they are so expensive! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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