Sunday Social

Linking up today with the Birthday Girls! Happy 1 year! 
1) What is your favorite social media outlet? Oh, Absolutely Facebook. I love Instagram too, but Facebook is totally addicting. I sometimes feel like such a stalker!

2)Do you subscribe to any daily news reads? Yes, I get Ramblings of a Suburban MomMommy Splurge (who is hosting a Thirty-One party through me right now!), and a few more bloggers! I also get the usual shopping emails!! 

3) Favorite Magazine to have by the pool? Currently is would be parenting, or parents. I love me some cosmo though, i feel like such a teenager when I read that!! 

4) Favorite Summertime song? Oh gosh, I don’t know! Anything Michael Buble’ or Justin Timberlake is good! 

5) Best summer concert you have been to? I haven’t been to a good concert in years. If we want to go WAY back, I would have to say NSync (yes I totally just said this!) 

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