It’s Monday!

Happy June, and Happy Monday! I guess you could take that as you’d like, I know some people don’t enjoy Mondays!! How was every body’s weekend? We didn’t do much, because gosh it was hot here. I mean 90’s and humid and GROSS! I know its just going to be like that for the next couple months, but like I said before I was not ready for this yet!!

Saturday, Molly and I just stayed inside and hung out. Did not do too much! Sunday, we ran some errands and Molly and Mike went swimming! Molly LOVES the water. We do not have a large pool here, so I’m going to get her one of those kiddie pool and maybe a sprinkler. I think she’ll enjoy that! We also moved rooms around (again) because I thought Mike should have a little area for an office. Now we are in the search of a desk!

-Don’t forget come link up with us tomorrow for our first Talk to me Tuesday!! It’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait to talk about Housewives of NJ, and Orange County!
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What are you up to this week? Have a wonderful Monday!

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