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Talk to me Tuesday!

Welcome to our FIRST Talk to me Tuesday! 
Join us and tell us what you thinking, give us a rant, or just simply list your blog! Thanks!

~Well my night was interesting last night/ Molly fell off the couch (which isnt too far to the ground) but managed to really hurt herself. I took her to the local express pediatrics, and they took an x-ray. She could have hair lined fractured her clavicle, but they think she just bruised it. They put her in a sling, and it makes me want to cry.

~ Who watched Real Housewives of New Jersey Sunday night? Oh my gosh, I can not believe how juicy that show is! I honestly still can not believe that all of these woman are still on the show since they fight like crazy! I thought the girls play date with Teresa and Melissa was TOTALLY awkward. Jacqueline wasn’t really on much, but I like her. I just love Caroline. Shes probably my favorite on the show (and always has been.) This season looks insane. I cant wait to watch!!
~ How about Real Housewives of Orange County? I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, because of Molly’s incident!
~Anyone else thinking “Christmas is in 6 months” or am i the only crazy one?
~Does anyone else wait for the mailman? I feel like I have issues, that I actually look forward to getting mail every day. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

~Don’t forget to head over and enter my giveaway! I also can not believe how many followers I have gained in a few days! I love it, thank you so much for reading my blog, and I can not wait to read all of yours!

2 thoughts on “Talk to me Tuesday!

  1. My husband says I stalk the mailman. But don't tell anyone, it's probably a federal offence. :o)
    And I watched real housewives of new jersey. I like Jacqueline and Caroline most of all! I think Melisa and Teresa are both as much to blame for that whole situation.
    Hope you little girl feels better soon! Mackenzie has fallen off the couch and bed before, but thankfully didn't hurt herself too badly.

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