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June Julep Maven Review

I got my June Julep Maven box in the mail yesterday. This month I actually chose the box with just the DD creme and Concealer. I, for the life of me, can not remember what the box was called, and can not find it on the website, so Oh well, I don’t know the name! I love Julep and have been getting their boxes for a few months now, BUT I have to say the more I wear their nail polish, the more my nails chip! They have been really brittle, and weak and I think I’m going to skip a few months!

Back to the review….Here is the first look when I opened the box
I have to say, I love Cape Cod, and its probably going to be our family vacation spot for the rest of my life now that i’m super spoiled by its beautifulness, and this box absolutely reminded me of the beach and the Cape! 

So here is the DD creme, and the concealer. I can say I really like the DD creme. I like it a lot. When you first put it on your finger to swatch it, it is SUPER dark, but it rubs in very nice and spreads evenly. It doesn’t feel like you are putting a face mask on, and I like that is has SPF in it. I have read many reviews online, and people complained of the tubes being almost empty. They are completely right. These tubes are FULL of air! I don’t know how many uses I will get out of this! 
What do you think of the new DD creme and concealer? 
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3 thoughts on “June Julep Maven Review

  1. if you got the oxygen you should wear that on your nails. i have to give mine a breather!!!

    but that is terrible terrible news. hoping i get my box today down in "sunny" florida (it's pouring, as usual). it will give me something to do. egh, i better not open anything though. i don't want to trap strep in the bottles.


  2. I should get mine today and I saw on FB that there was an issue. I wonder if julep will do anything to 'fix' it. The DD cream is the only reason I got it this month. :/

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