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Lalaalu Review!

I have been wanting to try a different box, and have heard pretty good things about Lalaalu. It is a curated box from NYC, and they just introduced the kidboxes. From what I understand they changed this to a purchase monthly box instead of subscription box (getting charged every month.) I thought this was neat, to try out something new. You can only purchase this box if you live in the East Coast, and they only ship to certain states.  We got the Urban Patient box. The boxes are 30.00 a month (depending on what box you choose) and the boxes are FILLED to the brim!

Here is my first look! I could not believe how much stuff was packed into this box!

Here are all the products! How exciting!
There was a lovely note included, which i thought was nice (especially because it said “Dear Alena,”) I love when they personalize things, because you know they went that extra step and they care about their box and their products! I also enjoyed that they said Happy Fathers Day in this nice letter, and also included a wonderful prize for dad!!
A 25.00 Gift card for a Zeel Massage. I have not had a chance to look up where there is Zeel Massage On Demand place around here, but I will be sure to look it up! 
Onto the box! 
-Sneaks Organic Chocolate Milkshake: Adorable packaging. We opened this right away, and Molly was not a fan. I tasted it, I didn’t think it was too bad. I’m going to try it again, because a full serving of Veggies, that’s awesome! 
-Bitsy’s Brain food Orange Chocolate Beet: They are like tiny little cookies, and these are really good! And good for you! I love it! 
-Bitsy’s Brain food Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot: These are small cookies also, we have not tried them yet! 
-Pons Extra Virgin Olive Oil for babies: Seriously, I did not know something like this existed, and I think its super cool! I cant wait to use this!
-Yum-V’s Probiotic bears: I hope Molly likes these (she is a terrible eater-especially when she isn’t feeling well.) This would be an awesome supplement for her to take! 
-Nasopure: Looks just like a NettiPot. I would be willing to try this, and will absolutely put this into our medicine cabinet for future use!
TrueKid All Natural Bubbly Body Wash: I love anything bath related! We love to try new products! 
Wet Erase Eco Coloring Kit: This is super cool. It comes with a nice Mat that you can color and then wipe off. Love this!! Putting it away for a rainy day! 
-Endangered species safari interactive 3D bath puzzles: We totally played with these outside of the bath, and I’m sure they are just as fun! They are awesome. 
I am TOTALLY pleased with this box. I think its absolutely wonderful, and will definitely try it again! So many new things to try, and play with. I love when a subscription box is full to brim of useful stuff! Thanks Lalaau!

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  1. Alena, Thank-you so much for sharing this review! We're thrilled to hear you're enjoying your first KidBox and we welcome you to the Lalaalu virtual community! 🙂 Get in touch any time! -The LaLaaLu Team

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