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Thursday Thoughts

Today I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and Toby’s Tails for Thursday Thoughts! 
~Okay, I know I always talk about RHOC, but i caught up on it last night and HOLY MOLY! I thought it was good, but man oh man next week looks insane! I thought Tamra apologizing to Alexis was nice, but Alexis is still not my favorite. I also really like Lydia, I think shes such a good fit with these girls. I still am on the fence with Gretchen, I go back and forth with her. For example, when she was picking out bathing suits for Mexico. I know she’s in fashion and all, but every one is entitled to their own opinions. Just something about her bugs me (but when Slade was checking out all the toys she was bringing with her, Mike was even laughing-too funny!) 
~ Molly Update: I think she just bruised or pulled something in her shoulder. She is moving her arm a bit better today but is still favoring it for sure. Thank goodness it wasn’t a fracture like they were saying!! I hope it heals quickly, but she sure if getting good at using one arm! 
~I have to post this picture, because this is my awesome Nephew Matthew (who now goes by Matt.) He is 13 years old, and we jut have such a special bond. He was the first born and was only 2 pounds 15 oz. when he was born. I was in high school when he was born, so I was with him almost daily for the first three years of his life! I just love this kid (and of course I love his brother and sister too.) He is in 7th grade, and has found a love for swimming, so he joined the  Varsity swimming team (and made it, and was the youngest kid on the team.) Last night he got his first Varsity letter, and I couldn’t be more proud of him! 
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Have a wonderful Thursday! 
Thursday Thoughts

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  1. That's a great picture!!!

    And I really like Lydia too. She's much more level headed than the rest of those girls. Do you think what that chick was saying about Vicki is true??

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