June Stork Stack Review

I really enjoy Stork Stack’s monthly boxes! I use to get Citrus Lane, which I also like-but I like that Stork Stack has themed boxes. It also makes a great gift! This month’s theme was Picnic Party. When I heard this my mind started wandering, how in the world could they make this work? The box is great! 

First Look!
All the goodies! 
I did not get a good picture of the cup (Sassy Baby Grow with me Cup 7.00), because Molly actually wanted this right away. I actually can’t figure the thing out!! Does she just suck around the edge? Its a great idea if I can figure it out! I also did not take a closer picture of the GimMe Health Food Roasted Seaweed Sheets(1.19) because, oh that’s just gross!! I’m sorry they smell way to fishy for me! 
Tree Hopper Toys: Match Sticks (19.99) I love these! Absolutely adorable! I actually am almost sure these are going away for her Christmas Stocking (Is that wrong? They are camping trip matching sticks…)
FunBites: Cube It! (12.99) This is super cool! I would have never thought to buy something like this, but can see myself using it! It cuts the kids food into bite size shapes! Who doesn’t love a little bite size sandwich, pancakes, cheese! Love it!
 Last was the Barberas Snackimals Cereal (.99) We LOVE snackimals. Have you ever had the cookies and crackers! They are super yummy! This is a wonderful snack for Molly or even breakfast (although right now she’s on a granola bar kick (she calls them Boba Bars)!
All in all, I enjoyed Stork Stack for sure! 

If you are interested in StorkStack, You can use my referral number for 10.00 of your first purchase! It really is worth it! 

*This post contains affiliate links! All opinions are my own!

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