A look into our summer!

Ahh! I could look at this for days! This is not from Google Images, I took this last year. Before I met Mike (about 7 years ago-wow!) my summer’s were pretty lame. I mean, I was young and I use to work during the day and party at night. Typical life of a 20 year old! When I met Mike, we did things on the faster side. We moved in with each other after 6 months, and got engaged after about 8. I’d day that is fast! 
Every year since he was a child his parents rent a condo right on the beach in Cape Cod, so 7 years ago, I got the opportunity to go with him. I fell in love, and we have gone every summer since! 
Molly’s first trip was when she was 6 months old!
How stinkin’ cute was she! She was little and easily transportable! Last year was a bit harder. She was one and a half and Mike has just gotten a new job, so I decided to stay by myself with my in laws and it was nice, but long!! She did not love the beach, it took her a while to even walk on the sand. She also was EXTREMELY hard to take out to dinner! I’m hoping this year is a ton better, which I’m sure it will be! I can not wait to go, I’m counting down to days! 

Hope you enjoyed a look into our summer! Hopefully we will be doing a lot this year, with plenty more pictures to follow! What do you do for summer vacation?

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