Some Saturday Stuff!

I couldn’t come up with something creative for this post. Just a few thoughts for my Saturday morning. How is everyone so far today? Molly slept until 9:30 this morning! I couldn’t believe it! 
First off: I just want to remind everyone that the Thirty-One Deal (Buy 35.00 worth of products get the Large Utility tote for 10.00) is happening until the end of June! This is the only month you will be able to purchase this pattern also! How adorable is this for the beach? I already got mine! Check out my page HERE!
Fun Flops
We will be here in about 5 weeks, and I can’t wait! Like, really just can’t wait (and I usually am not looking forward to it as much as I am!) Maybe because Molly is older?
Tomorrow is Fathers Day! We have nothing too big going on. A few fun things for Daddy! What is everyone else doing? 
Have a wonderful Saturday!

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