June Kiwi Crate Review

I have heard a lot about Kiwi Crate, even before I started my whole blog/subscription box journey. I finally caved last month when they had a half off coupon, and I have to say I am extremely happy with it!! 
Kiwi Crate is a monthly craft box (geared towards ages 3-7), and each month they have a new theme. For 19.95 a month you get an awesome box with two to three activities inside and everything you need is included (crayons, markers, supplies, etc.) The one thing I LOVE about Kiwi Crate, is you can go onto their website, and purchase past boxes, extra supplies, and if you have more than one child, you can add a sibling on. You can also buy party packs (which is SUPER cool!)

This month’s theme was Nature Explorer. It came with everything to make a Paper Lantern and a Nature Explorer Box!

Here was my welcome note!

In the first box, you get a pair of scissors! I love this idea!! 

This is the direction cards. They are actually more like books. I love this because it shows you pictures in detail of how to do things!
This star hole puncher came to make the paper lantern! This will absolutely come in handy for Molly’s craft box!

Molly punching stars!

The finished paper lantern. I did not take a picture of it but it also came with a battery operated tea light to go inside! 
Crayons for the nature explorer box!

The nature box came with different photos for the bottom of the box, so you could go outside and search for different things and put it right in there!! 
 I absolutely love this box. I am actually going to purchase a few past boxes to bring with us to Cape Cod for rainy days!! 
If you are interested in purchasing Kiwi Crate, click HERE for 10.00 off. You will get the box for 9.95! It is totally worth it!!

**This review may contain affiliate links. I purchases this box, and All opinions are my own!

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