Happy Summer!

Dear Summer: Today is the first day of you! Not sure that very exciting to me as i am not a huge fan of the heat, but you means swimming, vacation, no school, and AC! What does summer mean to you?

Dear Molly: Oh, I love you so much BUT these tantrums NEED to stop! Yesterday you had at least 9, does anyone have advice? Maybe shes bored? I just ignore her, but how frustrating!

Dear Thirty-One: Please stop being so awesome, because I keep buying stuff from you when I really shouldn’t be…Maybe I should put BBW here too! I just ordered another candle! Why!? Because they are cheap and who doesn’t need a candle?

Dear Izzy: Cat, you better stop attacking my feet in the middle of the night and waking me up! Are you kidding me!!

Dear Messy House: Clean yourself okay?

Dear all of my readers (or just people stopping by): Go enter my contests!! A fun Giveaway and Petit Vour.

Have a wonderful Friday, and a wonderful weekend! 

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