Out Of The Box Sampler: Men’s Edition

I love Out of the Box Sampler! I missed the cut off for the last box, so when they had the men’s box left,I had to try!! I know, it obviously would not benefit me but my husband loves to try new products, and I like to support small business, so its perfect! If you have never tried Out of the Box Sampler, I suggest you do! Each month they sell out pretty quickly, but if you score one, its JAM packed!! It has at least 20 products or more from various vendors (small businesses, and they mostly come from Etsy.) I kid you not, next month is my birthday, so I’m going to spoil myself with their box (and I will be on the computer, so I get one!!)

This is the box all of the goods come in! Its so pretty, but I can not begin to tell you how heavy it is! Much heavier then any other subscription box I have received.

This was also in the box, It didn’t fit? Or an extra? Whatever it was thank you, it is all awesome! 
Here is the first look. I’m telling you this baby is packed tight!

Here is their information sheet. I actually like this, it has a discount code for each company, and a website for each company that was in this box! 

The pictures do not do this box justice, AT ALL! (My regular camera was not charged, and I wanted to get this up, so I used my phone-bad idea)
Some of the products included in this awesome Men’s box were: 
Shaving soap
Bar Soap
Body products
Candle melts
Body butter
Body oil
Shaving gel
This box is nothing but awesome!! Thank you Out of the Box Sampler! My husband and I loved this!!
**This review may contain affiliate links. As always all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Thanks for a fabulous review of our Men's sampler! And, the extra bag with your box is how we pack the edible items, so they don't pick up the scents of the other products 🙂

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