Happies and Crappies

by - 8:01 AM

I'm linking up with The Vintage Modern Wife for this weeks Happies and Crappies!


-Getting Molly Potty Trained! She's on her way, and I am very proud of her (and can not wait to stop buying diapers!)
-My husband starting his new business! 
-Having a successful Thirty-One party thanks to Brandy over at Mommy Splurge. Check her out!
-Gaining more followers!! Thank you everyone!
-Being able to spoil Molly sometimes always makes me happy! 
-The Bath & Body works Semi-Annual sale!
-This picture...


-The RAIN! I feel like it has not stopped raining in days. I'm sick of it! 
-Molly discovering Cars & Toy Story 2. Well not discovering, but actually loving them. I love these movies, but I think I have seen each 3 times a day! Usually they are on for background noise, but uh! 

I think that is it with crappies! It's been a pretty good week! 
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I hear you on the rain. I'm in NJ and it felt like November yesterday. I just want some hot June sun!!!! Stopping by from the link up. Have a great weekend.

  2. you aren't supposed to be reminding me about how much i spent.