Never Ever Ever: Second edition!

by - 12:10 PM

This is always a fun link up! 

Never Ever Ever...

...Will I get tired of Rubbermaid containers. I have an addiction. I feel like they are safer then regular old boxes.My husband on the other hand hates them! 
...Will I ever have enough candles. Ever! I go through maybe two a week (depending on size)
...Do I want to watch Cars again, it's Molly's new addiction, and I have watched it a thousand times in the past week! 
...Do I get enough sleep (and I get tons of it!)
...Will I enjoy pickles. I just do not like them, they gross me out! 
....Will I say thank you enough for reading my posts! 

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  1. You should try Scentsy! It lasts longer and are cheaper than candles once you have a warmer. Let me know if you want some cuz I sell it and can giveyou cheaper shipping if you buy before I close my party! Here's my website if you wanna check it out!

    I totally understand wanting to never watch a show provide again because its been on constantly for our kids. Thanks for linking up with us!!

  2. ahhh i love candles too! bath and body works candles are my fave :) thanks for linking up with us again!