Thursday Thoughts!

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Its time for some Thursday Thoughts!

~Molly is on her way to being potty trained!! She has been in underwear for two days now with only one accident! This calls for a celebration!! I had to share! 
~ RHOC...Um who saw this? It was insane, risky, woah! I like to have fun, but those guys were gross! I would have been so grossed out, ew! ha ha! Otherwise, good episode. Next week looks even better, Lydia is getting a mouth on her (with Gretchen) and Brooks shows up? Huh!? Even more confusing is I turned on Bravo last night and that episode was on? I thought RHOC was on, on Mondays? I'm lost here!! 
~ My dog is reverting back to being a puppy, I don't get it. I'm still giving him the same attention, maybe even more? He ate Mike's pillow the other day! What the heck? 
~Cars 2, has anyone seen this? I'm so confused, what in the world is going on? It's like a James Bond Cars, I don't like this!! 
~Don't forget Thirty-One's spend 35.00 and get a Large Utility Tote deal is only for the month of JUNE. Take advantage of it, its really a great deal! Also, I'm offering an extra 25.00 credit for anyone who hosts an online party in June! Contact me today, OR visit my website HERE!
~I still have no idea what we are doing for Father's day! What are you guys up to?

Have a wonderful Thursday!

                           Thursday Thoughts

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  1. Woo-hoo for potty training! That is definitely something to celebrate! My oldest is 3 weeks potty trained. :)
    I posted a list of Father's Day gift ideas and 25 ways to celebrate Father's Day for free... check it out if you're still stumped!

  2. Yay on potty-training!

    And OMG RHOC? OMG. Those strippers were so dirty. SO DIRTY. I thought I might be pregnant just from watching!

    Thanks for linking up!

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