Thursday Thoughts

by - 7:00 AM

-Why am I so tempted to go back to BBW and get more candles? Like, Do i really need more? Yes! You can always use a candle right?

-Real Housewives was pretty good Sunday night, although I just watched it yesterday! I thought Brooks showing up was totally weird. There is something about that guy, that creeps me out! I think Tamra is pretty fed up with Gretchen. I think shes kind of possessive of her friendships, no? Next week looks interesting! Why is Laurie back in the picture? 

-One month from today we will be in Cape Cod on the beach! Ahhh, I can not wait! 

-There is only one more week to get the Large Utility Tote deal through Thirty-One! It is totally worth it! My friend Brandy over at MommySplurge can vouch for me. Those babies are big! Party Punch is totally awesome! 

-Don't forget to enter my two giveaways: My fun "Trash and Treasure" giveaway and my PetitVour giveaway!  Also don't forget to check out my Poo-Pourri review, and use the 15 percent off code on their site!! 

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  1. Yes. You need more candles. I debated this with myself too. and bought more candles. :D don't forget coupons!!

    Where do you stay in Cape Cod? It really needs to start warming up here!!

  2. Always get more candles. In fact, I should buy some today as well!!

    &I agree, Brooks disgusts me!! I don't find the stories about him sleeping with other women and prostitutes hard to believe at all. Yuck!

    I just found your blog via the link-up! check mine out too, if you'd like. :)