What I'm loving Wednesday!

by - 3:06 PM

I'm loving...

Vivian! This is my best friends baby! I just absolutely love her. Shes a little peanut and Molly really loved her too!! This is the first baby she has ever really been around, and she did really well!! 

I'm loving...

These two girls! My sister Bought Molly the Sophia the First amulet! They love them! So stinkin' cute! 

I'm loving...
Inside-Out Bag

This Thirty-One Pattern! LOVE it!

I'm loving...

EOS lip blam! Best thing I have found...EVER! 

Last, but not least I'm loving...

Why have I not watched this show before! I love Gordon Ramsey, and love this show! 

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  1. Girl. My mom's addiction to EOS lip balm is getting severe. She loves that stuff too.

    that bag is adorable!!



  2. I love that 31 pattern too! I've been meaning to try EOS lip balm.


  3. Oh my! Molly looks like Sophia with that necklace on! So so so cute!