Double Birthday Party Favor Bash!

You're invited to the Double Birthday Party Favor Bash: Giveaways, Coupons, and More from your favorite subscription boxes! Plus, our gift to you - 15% off Thirty-One Gifts and South Hill Designs.
I have been talking about this on The Adventures of The Pidala Family Five for a couple weeks now. Its my birthday month – and Brandy’s too! (Brandy is from MommySplurge and is such an awesome friend) This whole month we have boxes to give away, special coupons from subscription boxes and others, and some special deals from the two of us. It’s the Double Birthday Party Favor Bash because there are two of us, the boxes are like party favors, and Bash because we just like it. Thanks Danica! We are going to be rolling out everything all throughout the first couple weeks of July!

So, check out the special giveaways, coupons, and other assorted birthday fun. We also have deals on Thirty-One and South Hill Designs, and alllll the way down at the bottom is our special Birthday giveaway. Be sure to come back to this post to keep up with the Double Birthday Party Favor Bash! I will be replacing the “coupons” link on the main menu bar with a birthday tab so it will be easy to find.

Double Birthday Party Favor Bash Posts

  • This is where you’ll find all the posts linked up super convenient-like! We’ll have…
  • Giveaway: Some Giveaways
  • Giveaway: Double Birthday Party Favor Bash Giveaway from Alena & Brandy – at the bottom of this post!
  • Coupons: Special coupons
  • And other birthday-themed posts all throughout the month!

Coupons for South Hill Designs and Thirty-One Gifts

Brandy is a South Hill Designs Artist and Alena (Me) is a Thirty-One Consultant. We are super fortunate that our businesses have gone so well and we are able to have some special offers just for our birthday! For both of these you have to order directly through us, not by shopping on our sites, mmmkay?

  • OMG 15% OFF! Yes, 15% off South Hill Designs (everything – lockets, charms, chains, droplets, screens et cetera!) and 15% off Thirty-One Gifts. A-MAY-Zing! We were going to go with ten, because our birthday is July 10, but 15 sounded awesomer. Dontcha wish our birthday was on the 30th? Add shipping and tax and all that stuff ok? This is good from July 1 – July 25. Just contact Brandy for SHD or contact Alena (ME) for 31 and we will get you all squared away. You can browse the South Hill Designs catalog and the Thirty-One Gifts catalog.

Here’s Brandy’s little guy rocking his manly stache locket. Usually they’re for women, but come on he’s so cute!

  • If you book a catalog South Hill Designs Social with Brandy by July 10, you’ll get an extra 3 free charms. If you book a Thirty-One catalog party with me by July 10, you’ll get an extra thermal zipper pouch. Both of those are on top of the excellent hostess benefits both our companies provide. Facebook and catalog parties are super simple. Parties need be closed out by July 25!

IMG_7854Brandy  totaaaaally bought a zillion dollars worth of Thirty-One from me last month (seriously, it is amazing quality and the lovely Brandy is going to do a review -She knew it was nice but, she thinks it is “SO SO” nice, and she is pleased as punch). She also got a ton of hostess benefits from the party. And Brandy got the exact booking special that I am offering through our birthday bash – the thermal pouch in Party Punch.She loves this pattern (and when I say LOVE 90% of her order was in Party Punch!) She has been taking it with her on grocery trips to store fruit in so it doesn’t rot in the heat on the walk home.

Double Birthday Party Favor Bash Giveaway

The Double Birthday Party Favor Bash wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have an awesome giveaway of our own. This is not an all-for-one giveaway, each prize is separate but you can enter all on the same rafflecopter and you can enter here or on Brandy’s blog – same giveaway. Way too much work to do them separately!

The Prizes!

  • Julep It Girl July Box (see the whole Julep July Collection and my review of July Julep Maven Bombshell)
  • South Hill Designs Medium Silver or Gold Locket with 3 free charms
  • EcoTools Foam Applicator (for applying liquid foundation)
  • Bath & Body Works Mini Candle and Body Wash
  • Hard Candy Fitness Addicted to Sweat Workout DVD – the Booby Prize?

You can get entries for following on Facebook and Bloglovin and Twitter, for tweeting the Giveaway (link in RC), for pinning the Party Invite . Or just hover over the photo and pin it. And for other stuff too! Do the entries you want and come back daily to enter – and check for new giveaways and coupons!! The giveaway runs until June 24 at midnight (at night) and there are 5 winners, each will get one of the prizes, drawn in the order above. Terms & Conditions on the RC. Thanks for coming to our party!
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

20 thoughts on “Double Birthday Party Favor Bash!

  1. i would have to say my best birthday was my 18th birthday it was the first birthday party i ever had, i never had a party as a child and the day i turned 18 i moved out and my boyfriend and friends had a party for me.

  2. My best birthday was my 22nd birthday because I had just has my 1st son a week earlier. Best birthday present ever! And my worst birthday was 2 years ago when my. Husband was deployed to Afghanistan. We had no communication for the entire month of my birthday because he was out on a mission.

  3. My worst birthday was when I was turning 19 and I went down to Orlando with a couple of my guy friends. My mom flipped and called the cops on me saying that I had run away. It was ridiculous.

  4. My best birthday ever was my 22nd birthday when my son was born 🙂 I have to say it is so awesome to share my special day with the most special person in my life!

  5. My worst birthday was 18. It was my first year at college, my parents forgot, I was studying for a huge math final I was convinced I was going to fail. My ex boyfriend showed up with flowers and he was the last person I wanted to see.

  6. last year was my best birthday… it is aug 22nd and my daughter was born on aug 14th… my perfect birthday present arrived a few days before my b-day!

  7. best was my 29th my sister surprised me by kidnapping me and taking me to a hotel in scottsdale and treating me to a nice dinner at a posh restaurant that I have wanted to try. it was GREAT!

  8. Wanted to let you know I did find The Adventures of the Pidala Family Five in Bloglovin and am now following. For some reason both hyperlinks in that entry task send you to the Mommysplurge blog.

  9. My worst birthday was in high school when I had two finals back to back! Yuck! Glad those days are behind me 🙂

  10. Best Bday – not really sure but any bday spent at home with family is good 🙂
    Worst – got married to my 1st husband who was in the Marines and about to go on deployment so we had to wait for any type of honeymoon. After we got married I had to drive back home because he was in training. Truck broke down on the way home and I stopped at a gas station for help (this was before cell phones). I'm in the gas station and a man comes in with a gun saying he was gonna kill his girlfriend. I was scared out of my mind. What a way to spend bday and wedding day ;(

  11. Hi wanted to let you know the entry for following on Bloglovin – both these links go to MommySplurge. I searched Bloglovin for The Adventures of the Pidala Family 5 and didn't get any hits. I'll keep trying so I can follow them. I don't want to be disqualified for this. Is there another name I should search Bloglovin for to follow them?

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