What I’m loving Wednesday!

Another Wednesday is here, and it is July! So here’s another edition (and link up) of What I’m Loving Wednesday! 


 I’m loving…

Wantable! And No it is not because i am having a giveaway HERE. It is because I just love their stuff! I seriously am thinking about buying myself their box for my birthday!
Women's Plus Ruched Bandeau Swimsuits
My new bathing suit! Since you will never see me actually IN the bathing suit, i thought I would show you! I am a one piece girl, because I am not tiny! I love this!! I can not wait for vacation! 
Thirty-One. I do not even sell a ton, and I don’t have a ton of parties, but I just love the company and the products! Come join me!

Photo: Who wants to join me!? 
What are you loving this week?

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