Ellie Fit Fashionista Club Review & Coupon!

Do you workout, and are always looking for the perfect outfit? Or just want something comfortable to take a nice long walk with your kids? You must check out Ellie Fit Fashionista Club! For 49.95 a month you can pick out an active wear outfit (or two shirts, or two pants, any combination) and you can pause or cancel any time! Every month their styles change so you can try some new looks! Its perfect! 
The wonderful folks over at Ellie sent me an outfit to review, and all I have to say is AH-MAZING! I got to choose what active wear attire I wanted. I chose a simple black Capri and an awesome tank top. Both I LOVE, and Both super versatile! 
They send your outfits in this ADORABLE pink bag (that I love to reuse-to send out packages of course!)

They wrap it up in tissue paper, and send you a nice little card just welcoming you to their club! 

I was impressed already!! Then i took the clothes out. Holy Moly they are SUPER soft! I mean, I’m not sure I would want to sweat in them because they are so comfortable (okay, I will use them obviously-but they are ridiculously soft!)
Here is the awesome shirt they sent me! It is a tank top and the back is all open! I would (being on a weight lose journey myself) wear another tank top underneath this. I do like it though! 
Then there were the black Capris, which were also super soft! I loved them just as much! When I hang around the house with Molly, I pretty much only wear Yoga pants. Why not be comfortable right? I also LOVE that there is a small compartment inside for you credit card, keys, etc!

And here is the complete color combination. I decided not to show you the full size items, well because the pants are just simple black Capri’s, and the shirt is.. You get the picture! 

I love the Ellie Fit Fashionista Club, and I know you will too! Use my link HERE, and receive 20% off your order!! Remember, their styles are always changing, its great!! 
**This package was provided for review purposes only. This post contains affiliate links, and as always all opinions are my own.

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