Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts 
Happy Fourth of July!! What are you all doing today? We are hanging at home and later on going to a friends house for a BBQ, and some fireworks!
Here’s some Thursday Thoughts for this week! 
~RHOC: Woohoo! I just love this show as I have said a billion times before on this blog! Tamra’s wedding dress was very pretty, and I thought everyone was well behaved (although I’m still extremely confused as to why Laurie was there!) I thought it was a bad timing to tell Vicki about Brooks, and so incredibly weird (and gross!) I don’t blame her for getting upset! I also think this Vicki gossip is just old. Get over it! What did you think of the episode? 
~So, this is probably the best news ever…but Molly is POTTY TRAINED! YES! She still is wearing a diaper to bed, but during the day shes completely trained. I love not having to buy a ton of diapers! So.Awesome!
~I have discovered Wantable this week, and I have to say I’m in love. I really am. I don’t wear a ton of makeup but I just love the products they sent me! Brandy from Mommysplurge and I are also having a huge Birthday Bash, so go on over HERE, and HERE to enter our giveaways! There will also be a few more to come, so stay Tuned!!
~As mentioned, my birthday is next week (the 10th) and my husband keeps asking what I want. So I told him I would make him a list today, but honestly I’m not totally sure! I want a sewing machine to teach myself how to sew, but I think i want to wait on that because Molly’s at a difficult stage right now so i don’t think I would use it like I would want. I think I may order a few more candles from BBW before the semi-annual ends. What else? Any suggestions on something I  NEED to try!??
I hope everyone has an awesome Fourth!! 

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