Root Science 2 Weeks Skin Detox Kit: Review & Before

My face has been  like a 14 year old teenager lately. It has been oily, breaking out, and I feel like I am going through puberty all over again! I have been searching for the perfect skin care products, but I wanted to try to go all natural & Organic first! I found Root Science, and when I had the opportunity to test the 2 week skin detox kit, I jumped right on it! Root Science is an awesome company that provides products that ” use organic oils that are cold-pressed to ensure their inherent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and unrefined properties. This also helps eliminate the potential toxicity and degradation that occurs when processed under extreme temperatures. Their ingredients are safe for your skin, easily absorbed, and many are even food grade.  They have come to find out that many companies now-a-days love to throw the word “Organic” around, but at Root Science they take it to heart. Ingredients that start as a root are 100% Organic in our products.”
I wanted to do quick review on the actual products and a before picture. I started the detox last night, and A little over Two weeks from now (July 27th) I am going to do an after post! I want everyone to go on the journey with me! 

I LOVE that they make the batches themselves and put the date they made the batch! You know, the product is not sitting on the shelf for long periods of time! 
Here are all of the products! They are so little and cute!!

 This is the daily face moisturizer. You will apply this every day in the morning and in the evening. I was worried when I first tried it because my face is already oily, but it does not effect it one bit!
 This is the RS Facial Scrub. This is awesome, it comes in a dry form and you mix it with water and make it a paste. It smells awesome too!

 This is the weekly facial scrub. I can not wait to use this! You leave it on for 15-20 minutes, like a mask!
 This is the daily facial cleansing bar.
All of these products, are absolutely amazing so far and I have only been using them for 24 hours! I can not wait to see the results in two weeks, and I will absolutely be sure to post them!! 
Here is a before picture of me (best picture I could actually take of myself (yes this is the worst picture ever,) but as you can see I have some major breakouts.)
If you are interested in the two weeks challenge click HERE for more information! I honestly will suggest Root Science to everyone I know!
Thank you Root Science for providing me with these products!
**These products were provided for review purposes. No compensation was received, and as always all opinions are my own.

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