Small Clothing Haul!

I know I have mentioned RUUM American Kids Wear before on my blog, but I have to mention them again! I am not getting paid for this, or anything, I just LOVE their products, and their SALE! 
About a week ago I got an e-mail about their big sale that was going on so I decided to check them out. It was 50% off already clearance items (that’s my kind of sale!) I AM that mom that shops the year before. I just go up a size, and If it is a little big on her, that’s fine! So as of now, i will start scoping deals out! Anyway  I got my package in the mail today and I LOVE the clothes. These are to me, Gap quality. They don’t shrink, and they are so soft!Here is what I got!

These socks were 30 cents…no I’m not kidding, 30 cents!! I am going on RIGHT NOW to see if they gave anymore left and getting them! They are AWESOME!
 The two short sleeve shirts, she can probably now. They were 3.80.
The twill shorts are for next year. They were 4.87
These two dresses may be for two years from now. They are adorable, but are very long! I don’t mind storing them away for years to come. These were 4.50. I can’t believe how cheap! I also got free shipping! 
They are still having their sale! Go check them out HERE!!

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