Taste Trunk:July Sweet Trunk

Taste Trunk is a new subscription food service that delivers new” brands you’ll love” you your door each month. For 29.00 a month (this includes shipping) you get 5-10 products, discount coupons, backgrounds on the companies and amazing recipe ideas.  There are four different trunks you can choose from including gourmet, health, BBQ, and sweet which is the one I chose!

 I just love how Taste Trunk looks. How adorable is this packaging! I love old newspapers and magazines, so of course I thought the bag the information cards came in was super awesome!
 How cute!
 I also had to take a closer picture!! Adorable!
 Taste Trunk really packs their products well! Everything was nicely placed, and the glass had extra wrap around it!
 Here’s a look at all of the products inside! Yum!
I love their information cards! They are so unique. There is, of course, a welcome card, which is adorable! There is also a Taste Trunk Post which fills you in on a local Seaside In and Cabins. You can mention the card and receive 15% off of your stay! So cute!
All of the other cards, are the products information and there are also a few recipe cards in there also!
Apricot and Pecan Biscotti! Yum! These are from Sonoma, CA and it is a small family owned bakery specializing in Italian style, small batch, homemade biscotti! 
CC MADE caramel pistachio popcorn. This is fabulous, i mean absolutely delicious! This product is from San Aselmo, CA. Their products are all made with locally sourced products.
 Just as important to me as my recipes are the people who make the products.”
The Jam Stand from Brooklyn, NY. BLUE-berry Bourbon jam! I can not wait to try this! I love this “You’re My Boy Blue-berry” I’m assuming the reference is from Old School? Anyone? There is also a recipe on their recipe card for a Parfait! I may try it!
Drunken Monkey Jam and East Shore Raspberry Dipping Fudge. Dipping fudge! Heck yes!! 
From Eugene OR, Glorbee Foods Honey and Agavestix! I love these!! 
Kookaburra Liquorice from Monroe, WA. I do not like Liquorice but my husband Will eat these for sure!!
 Nunes Farms Caramels! Oh these look amazing! 
I love the Taste Trunk, and am super impressed with this box. Not only was there a ton of product, but they are high quality! I also love that they are all local products! 
Use unique code Pidala25 for 25% off of your first box! Make sure in the instructions box to use my name Alena Pidala! Check out Taste Trunk Here!
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  1. Thank you for your review! I just ordered my first box and am excited to receive it! Hope you get the credits & thanks again for posting the review and coupon link!–Amber from Oregon 😀

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