Weekend Crazyness & A few updates!

 I feel like I have been doing so many reviews and giveaways, I haven’t had a chance to just update you all! 

~We have been busy around here packing for Cape Cod! I can not wait to go away, I usually do not feel this way, but this year I need to get away. Molly is a bit older, and it will just be more relaxing then not! She’s super excited because we are going with my in-laws and my sister in law (who she is currently obsessed with!)

~Molly has been SUPER difficult lately! Maybe that is why I want to go away so bad. She has to be bored, or just going through some terrible terrible two and a half! It’s not only tantrums, it’s throwing, talking back and just being difficult. I say to myself “What am I doing wrong?” I sit and play with her, she cries. I do activities with her, she cries…Does anyone, anyone have advice?

~My Christmas in July posts are all prepared, so make sure you come join me July 20-25th for some awesome recipes, ideas, and more!!

~I do want to update everyone on the crazy amount of giveaways I have going on with Brandy over at Mommysplurge. 

Whee! That is a lot! There is also a few more to come! Also, DO NOT forget that we are offering 15% off of order through South Hill Designs (Brandy sells these lockets, and they are AMAZING!) and through Thirty-One (which I sell, and is awesome too!)

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I’m linking up with Sami ‘s Shenanigans today!
Sami's Shenanigans

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