DIY Cookies In A Jar!

Today I want to share a very special recipe with you, and how I usually present it for Christmas. 
This very special recipe is my Great Grandmothers Cookie Recipe. I do not know if I would classify these as sugar cookies, or butter cookies-but they are amazing! You can do anything with them, that’s why I love them SO much! I sometimes put nuts in them, I dip them in chocolate, put icing on them or put Jam inside!

I take a Mason Jar, I use the Quart size.
 I Fill with the dry ingredients. I sometimes add chocolate chips at the top, or put a small little baggie with a ribbon with sprinkles on the outside!
 I then take a small piece of fabric. Please keep in mind it is July, and I did not have any Christmas fabric on hand. I use green and red or a snowman pattern usually!
 You just place it on top and screw the lid on!
I also like the add an ornament or something, and of course I add the recipe too!!

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