Christmas In July: Shopping!

I may sound insane, because yes it’s only July, but I have started Christmas Shopping already! I feel, if I see something that is on sale or clearance and I know someone will love it, or Molly would love that toy, I pick it up! So far this year, I have gotten a few stocking stuffers, a huge Melissa and Doug art set ( it was on Amazon, for crazy cheap last month) and a leapster (I got this in Target for 23.00 marked down from 80!) 
I wanted to do a little post on some hot toys this year so here we go!

Sophia The First Toys: Yup, Molly loves this show, and I’m sure if you have a little girl they love it too! These are going to be hard to find right before Christmas, so I would suggest if You want to purchase these to do it now. 
Disney’s Planes figures: This movie comes out in August, and I’m sure it will be a big hit! 
 Despicable Me 2 toys: I have never seen these movies (should i be ashamed) but these are super cute!!
Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable: This is ADORABLE! I wish they had this when Molly was younger!!
Have you gotten any Christmas Shopping done yet? If you have what have you bought?

Dont forget when shopping use Ebates!!

2 thoughts on “Christmas In July: Shopping!

  1. Don't feel bad. I started Christmas shopping as well. With three kids, its not easy to do last minute shopping, especially when toys start selling out. Thanks for the recommendations.

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