I’m Baacckk! iPhone dump:Vacation Style

I am back from Vacation, and as much as it was fun, I am SO happy to be home! So to ease into things.. I am linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for an iPhone photo dump-Vacation style!
 One: Molly on the beach! I love this picture! She liked it for the most part.
Two: The beach on low tide! So pretty!
Three: Me and My Mol’s. Love her!
Four: The BEST food at Kreme and Kone! So fried, so fatty, so good!
 Five: Molly and her Aunt Risa walking on the beach. 
Six: Poor Molly has a shell fish allergy! She has scallops the first day we were there. At about 6:30 I was on the phone with the Doctors office and getting benedryl. She was thankfully fine for the rest of the trip, we just had her stay away from our chowder!
Seven: So cute!
Eight: My little model!
Nine: We had dinner at a restaurant called Marshside, and they give the Little girls American Girl dolls to play with at the table. Cutest thing ever, and Molly loved it!
Ten: Love this!
Eleven: Ah, Beautiful sunset!
More to come!! Have a wonderful Friday!

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