Hello again & Welcome back!

Why hello! Its been a LONG time. I have been toying with the idea of coming back to blogging for some time now, and decided the time IS now. I cant wait to start reviewing products , updating you all on my family adventures, and having fun again!

A LOT has changed since I blogged last. Let’s go back to the reason I stopped blogging…I went back to work teaching pre school! For over two years, I loved every minute of it. Teaching is a passion and I will be forever grateful to the school that gave me the chance to go back to it.

Also,  If you remember I have a daughter Molly who was 4 when I stopped blogging. She is now 7 (turning 17) and going into second grade! Holy cow! AND… I had another baby!! Evan Michael was born June 21st 2018 and he’s such a little love!

We also bought a house back in 2016, and we are so happy! Our family is complete and our life is content! 
That being said, please join me on our adventures and I cant wait to take you along on this ride called life! 

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