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Being organized on a normal basis is tough, but being organized with a newborn is even harder! I am trying my hardest to plan and get organized for the new school year {stay tuned for my Back to School Product Guide}. Molly is going into second grade and she’s becoming more involved with activities. I am very involved with the school volunteering and the PTA, and Evan is just along for the ride!! So here are my favorite products from Erin Condren and Denise Albright! 
1} Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Monthly Planner: I am a HUGE Erin Condren fan. I’m also a huge planner fan as well, but Erin Condren is my favorite. I tried her regular weekly planners and I just make it WAY to bulky, so when she came out with her monthly planner I was thrilled.  I love that there is a monthly spread with note pages after. I find this a better way for me to plan so I can actually see the whole month.  

2} Denise Albright Monthly Calendar: I needed a new calendar for my fridge, and I decided on this one! I purchased magnet strips and added them to the back and its perfect {I will showcase this more in my back to school guide}. This calendar is perfect for my lifestyle, and I love that the paper is thick, so if I use a sharpie is doesn’t run through.
3 & 4}Erin Condren Planny Pack: Ahhh, the planny pack. Probably the best name of anything I have ever heard. I truly love this because I stick my pencils and pens (stickers and sticky notes) inside and just attach it to my planner! Perfect way to say organized while planning!
5} Erin Condren Pencils & Sticky notes:  I will use any pencils but I truly love these Erin Condren Pencils. I love that they are cute but the eraser is also amazing (this is very important to me). I LOVE these sticky notes because they are perfect to stick right in or on your planner with your shopping lists/to do lists/ cleaning lists.
6} Denise Albright Stickers: I love these stickers for my calendar because they are great for elementary students! I ordered the bundles so I have THREE sets of these!
7} Erin Condren Dashboard & more sticky notes:  Erin Condren Dashboards are the best. They fit perfectly in the coils of my planner and you can use a dry erase marker for them!
8} Erin Condren Corner Pockets: If you want to keep anything inside your planner (coupons/ bills/etc) these are a must for me! These attach to the front of back (or anywhere) of your planner.
9} Denise Albright Weekly Planner: I placed this under my calendar. This is a better way for me to stay organized for the week, especially with meal planning. I REALLY need to get back into meal planning. Its such a good way for you to stay on top of food prep and meals.

Erin Condren has been a favorite of mine for years, if you haven’t heard of her make sure to check her out. I am new to Denise Albright and I plan on including her on my back to school guide because she has some awesome back to school products! I hope these helped you all and gave you some ideas. I love organizing (although right now its tough with a baby) and planning! I hope to bring you many more posts like this in the future!!

**I purchased these products myself. Some links are affiliate links**

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