What has #Madeyousmile? {Gymboree}

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Gymboree is one of my all time favorite stores to shop in for my children. The quality is amazing and the clothes are just TOO cute. I have shopped at Gymboree for years, 18! My nephew had clothes there when he was young and he just turned 18! 

Gymboree announced a new campaign called #Madeyousmile. First lets chat about whats new at Gymboree.  

• Everything! But Gymboree’s fresh take on style is especially exciting—they’ll still have a kid sensibility, but now with a modern sense of style.
• The new pieces are now endlessly versatile and mixable, creating big possibilities for kids to create their own looks. 
• Dialed up the comfort, softness and attention to detail in each piece—Gymboree want to be known for great quality once again! 
• The best kids’ jeans ever—super comfortable, soft and durable. 
• More for baby with the coziest, comfiest fabrics, more neutrals and modern details. 
• Most importantly, Gymboree is making all these changes for you. Gymboree asked modern moms and families what they wanted most for their kids’ clothes, and they delivered. Gymboree wants to make you smile! 

SO.. What makes me smile? My children of course. My new baby Evan makes me smile every day. I can’t believe he’s here and healthy. My daughter Molly makes me smile because i am so proud of the little girl she has become. She’s SO kind, which is what i tell her daily. Kindness is SO important to teach your children and so important to act on yourself! 

Make sure to go check out Gymboree’s new styles! I just used my Gymbucks! Stay tuned for a haul, and make sure you comment below telling me what #Madeyousmile!

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