Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Here are some of my favorites this week, and what a week it has been!! 
Of course my two favorite are my babies! My big baby Molly has to get glasses. We all went for our yearly eye appointment last week, and we ALL need glasses! Well my husband and I need new glasses but this is a first for Mol! My little baby Evan is 2 months already! Where in the WORLD did that time go? 
Its been tough getting out with a baby when needing bigger items. Boxed.com, is seriously my LIFESAVER! I order everything from the site, and i especially love their brand stuff (no this is NOT sponsored, but if you use my link you get $15 off your first order). 
I forgot how hard it is to keep a baby entertained! Of course, Evan mostly sleeps but he is up a LOT more now. This skip hop play mat is seriously awesome. He loves it!! I got it as a gift for my baby shower and its amazing. Also mixing formula is SO much easier with the Dr.Browns formula mixer!
Lastly, we have been using the UBrands dry erase board a ton. Molly and I use it for educational stuff (sight words and sentences) but we also use it for tic tac toe and drawing! We love it. Found it at target along with some fun accessories! 
Hope you all are having a fabulous week and enjoying the last couple weeks of summer (at least here in NY). 

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