Happy Tuesday!

Life is starting to get insane! School has started and I am active in the pta so there are lots of meetings… but I wouldn’t change it! I love being involved and to me being a stay at home mom with a small baby, it’s even more important. 

My big girl!! 2nd grade is treating her well so far. I seriously can’t believe how fast it goes. 

Then there’s this guy! He’s going through a good grumpy phase right now. Not truly sure what’s going on but we are getting by! He sleeps at night and that’s all I can wish for!!  He also rolled from his stomach to his back the other night!! 

Yesterday we started Clean Simple Eats. We aren’t doing this for the weight loss, which of corse is important… we are doing so we are healthier. It’s hard though… really really hard. Sigh…. Any tips will help!! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and has a great week! 

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