Friday Favorites:Week 2

Here’s my favorites from this week! I’m hoping to truly make this routine. I’d love to compare at the end of the year. From top to bottom! 

  • FabFitFun: I didn’t do a full review of this box this season because they are everywhere. I did love the box though, and thought it was probably my favorite thus far. For the cost of the box, it’s truly worth it. Do you get FabFitFun? If not, you can use the link above and get $15 off! 
  • My husband and I started “clean” eating. The reason I put clean is quotes is because we are doing 80/20 which I believe is the best way (because it’s long term). I am a busy mom and sometimes can’t have a salad on the go, or can’t blend a smoothie if the baby is sound asleep. However, we are very happy so far! We have been using the Clean Simple Eats programs. It’s great and seems to be working. 
  • I found this bag at Target the other day and I was intrigued. It may be my new favorite honestly. For a quick side or even a quick dinner, this is delicious! I love the pineapple in it as well! SO good!! 
  • Below Deck: I haven’t watched any TV other than This Is Us for the last two years. I worked a lot as a teacher and was busy with Molly and then being pregnant. Now that I am home all day  with the baby I have time to sit and watch a few things during the day. This is quite possibly my favorite new show (it’s new to me). I watched the whole season in like two weeks. Anyone else watch it? I am also obsessed with Bachelor in Paradise (did you hear about Jordon and Jenna? The drama is unreal)!! 
  • My last favorite of the week is Molly’s new Sloth onesie. She has wanted a big kid onesie for over a year and I am like oh come on they are silly! Well, she loves sloths and I found this so I immediately ordered it (only $14). She loves this thing. It’s soft, cute and if she wants she can even be it for Halloween! 
See you next week for some more Friday Favorites!

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