Happy Tuesday!

I’d like to start out by saying my thoughts and prayers are with everyone down south that got hit by the hurricane. How insanely scary that is, and I truly hope everyone is safe! 

I am home today for the first time in about a week. It’s been incredibly hectic with the beginning of school, meetings and just all around September craziness. I am very involved with my school PTA so that has got my time, and homework in 2nd grade is a lot!! We have been having nightly meltdowns (we… yes Molly and Mommy). 


The one good thing, is that these two love each other!! I may not be saying that in a few years, but for now they love each other! 

This guy is going to be three months this week. I thought it went fast with my daughter, but this is flying by. 
Anyone thinking about Christmas yet? I sure am!! I can’t wait to start really making my lists (and checking them twice). I am so bad… I always skip over Halloween! Whoops! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! 

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