Colonial Candle: Holiday Stars Collection

I can’t even describe how excited I was when I was approached by Colonial Candle to review their new holiday line. I absolutely love candles, and their candles have been an amazing addition to my collection (yes I have a collection). 

Today, October 10th is the day the new Holiday Stars collection comes out. This beautiful collection not only
Smells insanely delicious but the packaging just rocks my socks off! 

Balsam & Fir was the first one I pulled out of the box and it smelled like straight up Christmas. I absolutely love it! The notes are: “a crisp woodsy blend of pine and cedar with a base of moss, amber and birch”. I can’t wait to start burning this one! 

Vanilla & Bourbon is very vanilla based to me, but I enjoy that. “A decadence of rich bourbon wrapped in creamy caramel and vanilla alongside dark woods and exotic floralcy”. 

Cinnamon Chai is my favorite out of the four. I absolutely love anything cinnamon. Those cinnamon sticks are out in my house from the day  after thanksgiving!! “delight your senses with the inviting scent of Cinnamon Chai. Rich Saigon cinnamon is blended with vanilla icing and a baked dough accord for an aroma that is sure to spark your appetite”. This one is a MUST have! 

Last but certainly not least is Yuletide Carol . This candle description is lovely “fruits and flowers sing with notes of red currant, apples, chrysanthemum and sugar. This lovely fragrance is finished with vanilla bean and a soft musk.” I can’t say enough! 

Colonial candle again has impressed me by a TON! The price of these candles can’t be beat, and the quality is just amazing! Make sure you go check out their website and purchase the Holiday  Stars collection. Absolutely worth it, in my book! 

* I was sent these candles for review purposes only. All opinions are my own, and yes I absolutely love every single one of these. Thank you Colonial Candle!*

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