Halloween Fun on YouTube Kids!

Do your children love to watch YouTube? My daughter does. It is so nerve racking to have her on regular YouTube so we use YouTube kids!! The best thing about YouTube kids is they have special festive content for the holidays! 

It’s almost Halloween, only one week away!! Now through November 1st, families are invited to join Youtube kids so Little ones can check out fun content including an exclusive animated series featuring the globally belovedOddbods, as well as the Zombie Hotel Halloween Special.  This month YouTube Kids users will also be treated to Halloween themed playlists from Nickelodeon and introduced by Jace Norman, as well as ABC Kids’ Giggle and Hoot, and Art for Kids Hub.  

Some of the delightful Halloween treats that YouTube Kids app users will be able to indulge in include:

·  Special Halloween Themed Playlists with Nickelodeon!  Create your spookiest Halloween costume with the Merrell Twins, make Halloween slime with JoJo, trick-or-treat taste test with some of your favorite stars on Nickelodeon, and so much more! Check out the exciting playlist on YouTube Kids by clicking here, or if you are not viewing from a phone or tablet , you can watch here .  

· Another fun Playlist  is Giggle and Hoot: Halloween Favorites on Youtube Kids! Jimmy Giggle and Hoot have put together a bootastic playlist of their Halloween favorites for the YouTube Kids App!  Get a peek at what they are up to by clicking here, or if you are not viewing from a phone or tablet, you can watch here.  

· Oddbods Halloween Special: this exclusive series created specifically for YouTube Kids viewers features the characters young viewers know and love from the hit animated series.  The show stars seven furry, colorful friends who live in the small town of Oddsville and like to get into all sorts of mischief.  Check out what they have up their sleeves for Halloween on YouTube Kids here, or if you are not viewing on a phone or tablet, you can check it out here.  

· And Lastly Zombie Hotel Halloween Special: Pass the Fawlty Towers, turn right after the Adams Family’s and you’ll find the ZOMBIE HOTEL! Wide eyed twins Fungus and Maggot will welcome you, along with their Mom and Dad Zombies, Rictus and Funerella, and a team of wacky employees who never run short of oddities.  But don’t worry, the twins and their human school pal Sam will come to the rescue whenever you’re served pigs eye soup for lunch or if your room is next to a couple of loud vampires.  A different kind of resort, where there’s never a dull day! This is a Halloween special created especially for YouTube Kids. Check it out on YouTube Kids here, or if you are not viewing from a  phone or tablet you can view it here

Incase you aren’t aware of the YouTube Kids app. The YouTube Kids app is the first Google product built from the ground up with kids in mind. The app makes it easier for children to find videos on topics they want to explore and is available for free on Google Play and the App store. YouTube Kids continues to put parents in the driver’s seat with additional parental controls that allow parents to choose what is right for their family! 

Parental controls are so important in this day and age especially with kids that are so into technology. Make sure to check out these fun Halloween Treats before they Dissapear! 

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