More Holiday Gift Ideas from MindWare

Have you heard of MindWare? It’s an Oriental Trading company with amazing products for kids of all ages. I recently got the catalog in the mail And I ordered some things for my kids for a Christmas! There is some really neat chemistry kits, putty kits and much more!! I was thrilled when speaking to a MindWare Rep. to be able to review some items! {They sent the following items for review purposes only. All opinions and thoughts are my Own.}

Stocking stuffers:

Putty Scents: http://www.mindware.orientaltrading.com/web/search/searchMain?keyword=Putty+scents

Putty Scents is an exciting line of putty containing unique colors and scents that are great for kneading, molding and stretching!

Ages 3+; SRP $9.95 – $10.95

This was ( of course) our favorite. We are huge slime/putty family. This putty scents is actually really cool! It comes in two different packages and you mix them together! We got the cake mash up, and this smells JUST like cake. I mean SUPER sweet! I went ahead and ordered some more for her stocking because she loved it so much. Shhhhh.  

For the infant:

BABU rollers: http://www.mindware.orientaltrading.com/babu-rollers-a2-13819048.fltr  

This modular car set has 3 bases and 6 tops so little ones can turn a car into a camper or a pickup into a tow truck! Sleek, simple and stackable, babu Rollers are a modern twist on toy cars for toddlers that offer pure and simple creative play options.

Ages 18 months+; SRP $24.95 

These are some of the cutest cars I have seen! Since these photos were taken we have played with these a bunch. When Evan gets older I am sure they will get much more use! They are amazing wood quality and go super fast (for real… really fast)! I love that you can make them into different looks!! 

Resolve to keep a diary:

Doodles Diary: https://www.mindware.orientaltrading.com/doodles-diary-a2-6002.fltr

Dream and doodle your private thoughts, secrets and wishes, then keep them safe under lock and key! Hardcover diaries include 208 pages, 1 lock, 2 keys and a key-keeper necklace with skull charm.

Ages 6+; SRP $11.95

This is a fun diary to keep your thoughts and ideas in. Molly opened this and started writing in it right away. It comes with a neat necklace to keep the key in, and of course I have no idea where it is because… it’s her diary, I can’t read it!! I’m in for it aren’t I? 

Gifts to DIY (or keep for yourself!):

Paint Your Own Stepping Stone: Unicorn: https://www.mindware.orientaltrading.com/paint-your-own-stepping-stone-unicorn-a2-13818689.fltr

This all-weather stepping stone is ready to paint right out of the box – simply paint, bake and display!

Ages 8+; SRP $24.95

This fun craft can be to keep for yourself or to give to a family Member! We are opting to keep for ourselves for our garden! You do have you bake this and let dry for quite some time, but this is a perfect gift for a art lover. 

Thank you so much to MindWare for sending us these awesome items. Go check them out. You won’t be sorry! I know I will be using them for gifts now and in the future!! 

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