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The Holiday season is here and in FULL swing. I can’t believe Christmas is next week. Having a baby around this time is not only time consuming but extremely busy! I also have an 8 year old and I have to make sure I have things super prepared and ready to go, especially because she’s in a bunch of different activities.

The journey of parenthood is exhausting, but I always try to look at the positive and laugh a lot!  I formula feed, and I want to share THREE easy tips for formula feeding for the busy holiday season! 

Tip #1: Make sure you have a formula dispenser {we use THIS} and a bottle of water in your diaper bag at all times. You never know when you will need it. Oh, and make sure its actually filled. I cant tell you how many times I have pulled it out to make bottle and it only had one compartment filled {insert mom guilt emoji here}. Thankfully everything we are involved in is close to my house or a store!! Don’t worry he always gets his baba!! 
Tip #2:Have bottles washed and ready to go in the morning and in the evening. I find; especially around this time of year I have a hard time keeping up with my dirty dishes! I DO however make sure every morning I wash the bottles from the night before and every night I was the bottles from the day. This makes my life easier when I need to feed the baby. Taking the time is such a chore but its worth it in the end. 

Tip #3: Have your formula mixed and ready to go for easy pouring, especially in the evening! I use a formula mixer so its ready to pour. You can leave it in your fridge for up to 24 hours

You can find more tips and hacks over on the Parent’s Newsfeed page on Storebrand.com.

Oh, and Im going to add a Tip #4: HAVE FUN! Enjoy the holidays with your children. Laugh and look at the lights. Find the Elf and let the MAGIC guide you! 

Make sure to go check out The Parents’ NewsFEED on Storebrand.com. It provides a resource for parents to get informed and have a laugh while sharing the journey of parenthood. 

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