Food Allergy Tips {Kids}

The dreaded word…Allergies. I was a teacher for about 8 years (assistant teacher in a daycare while going through college, and then pre-k for 4 years), so I have seen and had many kids with allergies. I never thought I would be an allergy mom, and honestly I wasn’t until 2015.

Molly is now 8 and just got re-tested a few weeks ago, but let’s go back 4 years to when we found out. She was such a good eater! I loved being able to feed her all the good things (and some not good things on occasion) and our go to was always Snap Pea Crisps. We called them “Green Snacks”. We took a break from them for about 6 months, and One night she had them and her throat started closing. It started with hives around her mouth (photo above) and we rushed her to the local walk in. They have her an Epi-Pen and instantly felt better!
We followed up with our allergist and sure enough she was highly allergic to Legumes. Peas,Chick Peas, Beans, etc. This blew our minds due to being Puerto Rican we have Rice and Beans more then someone has Coffee in the morning!
This started some major food issues which we are still having today. I just got her retested and these were her arms. She is now allergic to Chicken…

Here are some tips for new allergy parents:

  • If your child has an Epi-Pen always always carry it (Of course).
  • Make sure your child tries other foods. Molly won’t even try things because she’s terrified she’s going to have a reaction- 4 years later!
  • Keep some snacks in your car Incase you are out and about!
  • Always tell other parents if you are dropping your child off and leaving them.
  • Make sure your child is aware of their allergy and if they are old enough remind them what they can and can not have.
  • For school birthdays, make a treat box and leave with your child’s teacher (so they aren’t left out).

Please note: I am NOT a doctor (and this is not sponsored). I just wanted to share my story and my tips with you!! I hope this can at least help one person!

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