Kids Easter Basket Ideas {2019}!

*Some of the items in the post below were sent to me for review purposes only. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.*

Easter Baskets (at least in my opinion) can be tough. Especially if you don’t want to fill it with candy. Below are some of my Easter Basket ideas! There’s lots of good products for noncandy baskets (don’t get me wrong… we have candy on Easter)!!
I decided not to go with the Pottery Barn baskets this year either. I weighed my options and went with a soft basket for Evan so he can play with it, and a plain basket for Molly. I should just splurge and get two pottery barn baskets, but they are so expensive. I can’t bring myself to spend that much. So without further ado… Here are my 2019 Kids Basket Ideas!
0-12 month Basket

I was going back and forth about what to put inside Evans basket this year. Obviously, he can’t eat candy so I opted out of food. I kept it clean and simple!

  • Did you know Hallmark has a baby line? Oh my gosh, the sweetest baby line I have ever seen! I picked up a clearance bath towel and wash cloth. Alligator themed! They don’t have the alligator one anymore, but they do have an adorable hedgehog towel!!
  • Infantino Eggs. These are made for Target (and I can not find them online). They are adorable hard plastic eggs and I thought they were perfect to put in his mouth (since that’s where everything goes).
  • TommeeTippee Cups. I have been trying to get him to drink out of cups! So important for oral development!
  • An adorable book from Little Bird Delivery Subscription service! This service is actually a perfect gift in itself! I love a good book subscription service!
  • Lastly, I picked up some individual little People. I always buy my kids one bigger item for Easter, and this year I got him the Little People Garage. The individual ones are perfect for the basket!!

My other ideas for baby’s are puffs, teething toys, clothes and pjs!!
Game Easter Basket

I was so kindly sent all of these games for review purposes only.
Who doesn’t love a good game to play with family and friends? I know Molly loves to receive games as a present, and the best part is their fun for all ages!!

  • Bedtime Bunny ($17.95) is a great game for ages 2+. It’s a wonderful first board game for kids helping them make choices, explore and learn all in one! It also is perfect for Easter because of the bunny theme!
  • Lucky Ducks ($13.29 on sale Target) is a classic! By pressman Toys this game is a wonderful preschool game promoting color and shape sorting!
  • Jumping Jack. This game teaches great hand/eye coordination and reaction skills. SO much fun!
  • Charades for kids! Who doesn’t love a game of charades!? It gets your body moving and is also hilarious. This small pack is great for travel!
  • Tic Tac Surprise- dog & car edition. Tic tac surprise is a great fun game for the Easter Basket!! The surprise aspect is fun. This clever version provides you with “wild” cards that allow you to play on top of any other card on the board.

Justice Basket

My daughter is 8… she and every other 8 year old girl in her class LOVE Justice. I mean Who doesn’t!? This Basket was purchased by me! But how stinkin’ cute!!
I did a Easter theme with Pj’s and a matching stuffy (a squishmallow)! I also included a bathing suit (which she needs for summer) and a initial water bottle! Lastly I put a change purse and lip balm!! We love Justice and of course she will love all of the stuff in this basket!!
Girls 8+ Basket

In this misc. basket I included some of Molly’s favorite, but of course a typical 8+ girl! Inside I included a small hand bag (perfect for vacation) some Sunglasses and some scrunchies! A small toy, some slime and some gum!!
Art’s & Crafts Basket

I love to add arts and crafts to my baskets as well. This Paint Your Own stone from MindWare Toys is 100% perfect for Easter! Stick it right in your garden for spring! Also who doesn’t love a scratch and sniff Sticker!? Stickers are the perfect basket filler! I actually love stickers!! I also found these awesome Markers on clearance at target! Always look on the end caps!! Thank you MindWare for sending us some Of these goodies!

I also got both kids (which of course Evan won’t be able to have this) a chocolate bunny. Lindt does this amazing free Easter thing, Where you can personalize an Easter now for your bunny!! I of course, did this and when the bows arrive it comes with a coupon !! This is unfortunately over, but how awesome Is it!?
I hope everyone gets some inspiration from these Basket ideas. I know it’s always nice to get ideas from others! Enjoy and Happy Easter Prep!!!

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