Kids Travel Activity Ideas

Spring Break is here for some, and for others it is coming. Since Easter falls at the end of April, our spring break is then. We will not be traveling this year but a lot of people do!!
Traveling with children is a lot of work. From the prep to the stops, it can be a headache sometimes. Here are some fun travel tips for you, Curtesy of a crazy travel mom (yes that’s me).
1) Always have something new and exciting for them, that they have never seen! We don’t travel by plane much, but last year Molly went to Disney with her dad and her grandma (long story short, I had to cancel at the last minute because of a pregnancy complication). She was old enough to pack her own little backpack, so the night before I stuck some Melissa and Doug Travel activities in there for her!

For $15 it was 100% worth it! I added a few of these types of books in her bag and from what I hear she loved them!
2) The iPad. Yes I know a lot of people don’t like to stick their kids in front of the iPad but in long trips, find a few good movies and give in! I know my daughter loves her crafts and stuff, but the iPad will help calm her down!
3) Make your own activity kit!
We make our own activity kit!! We usually have a fun travel game. This 6 in 1 magnetic games from Pressman Toys is perfect! It’s especially perfect if you have another child in the back seat!!

It’s perfectly hand held!

We also Make a small little box of crafts. Crayons and paper are a must! We also have another small box full of stuff to Make bracelets, keychains, and more!!
I purchased both small container in Micheals for less then $2! They close nicely so nothing will fall out!
Where are you headed this Spring Break? What are some of your travel ideas?
*This post is not sponsored. The board game was sent to me for review purposes only. Thank you Goliath Toys! All opinions are my own.*

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