Toy Corner: Bananas Collectibles

I’m sure you have heard of the new Bananas Collectibles toy! If you have not, you are missing out! This toy is sure the 2019 hot toy, and it’s absolutely adorable.

My Molly is 8 years old and loves them! These collectible toys come in a pack of three for $9.99. They are heavy heavy plastic and they link together, so if you buy multiple packages you can link your bananas together to make a banana wreath!

Not only are they fun to peal back, but they smell as well!!

Each Banana has three surprises inside.

The first thing is the “tree” links. You can put your character onto the leaf and the branches link together. You also Always get a sticker and gem set. You can decorate it how you please! Also included are two “food” items. They all have faces and are just so adorable. Last but not least is the character. There’s tons of characters to collect, and they are all equally as adorable!

Collect them today!! Head HERE to learn more.
*These were sent to me for free, for review purposes only. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.*

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