Toy Corner: Dig It Up Discoveries Fairies {Mindware Toys}

*This post is not sponsored. Mindware sent me this product for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.*
If you haven’t been to Mindware.com (or received the magazine in the mail) you are missing out. This website is an amazing resource for toys,educational items, and more. Mindware was kind enough to send me some items, and one of them was this amazing Dig It Up Discoveries box. Fairy edition!

It was a beautiful Spring day (for at least one day) Wednesday, so I sent Molly and her friend outside to test these out!

This spellbinding experience features 12 unique fairies waiting to be set free from their magic stones. Once excavation is complete, learn about each fairy’s special powers, from the Earth Fairy’s control over tectonic plates and earthquakes to the Air Fairy’s ability to sculpt clouds and create whirlwinds. Simply soak the magic stones in water, then carefully chisel away the sedimentary material to reveal the fairies inside. • Each magic stone contains a different fairy• Helps promote an early interest in science for kids• The perfect activity for parties and groups • 12 magic stones, chiseling tool and instructions

These are so super cool. PERFECT for a birthday party or a play date- but also perfect to stick into your child’s Easter basket!!
You do have soak these eggs in water before trying to Chisel them. It makes the chalk like outside softer and easier! The girls had a TON of fun doing these!
When you get them open, there are adorable little characters inside!!
Mindware also carries Dig It Up: Wild Animals, Dinosaurs, and more! Totally fun! Thank you so much to Mindware for sending me this! What a fabulous product!

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