Breakthrough Movie #BreakthroughMoms

I was thrilled and so lucky to be able to attend a TheMoms event last night for an early Screening of The movie Breakthrough staring Chrissy Metz! The best part was the actual Q&A with her! 

 Not knowing much about the real life incident, I went The movie itself with low expenctations. Boy, was I wrong! This story and movie is absolutely amazing, heartfelt and emotional. It’s emotional for everyone, but if you have children it sure pulls at your heartstrings. To think this actual Happened, still gets me chocked up. The movie was nothing but great. It is very spiritual, but the message and story is fantastic. I cried for 90% of it, I’d say. So well done, and if you have a chance to see it, I would!! It comes out in theatres everywhere April 17th!! 

After the movie (And our makeup was ALL gone) Chrissy Metz, Devon Franklin And Dawson Roxann came our for a Q&A. Chrissy Metz is as sweet and beautiful as she is on television. I also love to hear the director and producer’s look on the movie as well! 

This was my first TheMoms event and I truly had a fantastic  time. Melissa and Denise are as sweet and funny as everyone says they are. They are just a joy to be around!! 

Thank you so much for including me!! Go see Breakthrough on April 17th!! 

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