Two Rivers Coffee-REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

 *This product was sent to me for review purposes only. This post is not sponsored.*

Do you have a Keurig? Are in a coffee “connoisseur”? I am obsessed with coffee of all kinds. I don’t know if It’s because I love the flavor or I’m just exhausted from having a baby, but I love it. When Two Rivers Coffee reached out to me about a review and giveaway, of course I hopped right on it. In the past few years we have switched back and forth between a Keurig and a regular coffee pot. I like both, but I find the Keurig to be incredibly more efficient!

Two Rivers Coffee sent over a box of their BOLD Sampler pack

There are some really awesome BOLD flavors! My favorite so far is the Dark and Handsome Roast! Great flavor. 

Thank you so much to Two Rivers Coffee for sending us this box. YOU can win one as well! Check out the giveaway below! 
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Giveaway runs for ONE week for a sampler pack of BOLD coffee! 

Two Rivers Coffee Giveaway

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